AID Past Board Members

The transformation from the IDS into the AID in 2012 was a substantial endeavor that involved the hard work of many!  In addition to the Past Board Members listed below, the AID succeeded and thrived due to the work of the many volunteers who gave of their time and talent to serve on the various committees and functions.


Founding Executive Board Members:

Loretta Bell, founder & first President, 2012-2013

Rachael Williams, President Elect, 2012-2013

KathyLynn Gariboldi, Secretary, 2012-2013

Carol Gaskins, Treasurer, 2012-mid 2013


Drafting of original By-Laws and creation of Logo:

Sharon Lake-Gorgano, Joyce Poynton, Marie Martin & Linda Tourto.


Past Board Members:

Beth Pierce, Director of Education, 2012-2013

Don Corne, Director of Communications, early 2012

Kat Haney Woods, Director of Membership, early 2012

Trip Cathcart, Treasurer, early 2012

Rachael Williams, Program Director, early 2012

Roberta Frank, Interim Treasurer, 2013

Peggy Kernoodle, Director of Membership, 2012-2015

Meredith Martin, Director of Communications, 2012- 2017 & 2019

Anne DeCocco, Director of Programs, 2012-2013

Rachael Williams, President, 2014-2015

Loretta Bell, Past President, 2014-2015

Elizabeth Carrasco, President Elect, 2014-2015

Jean Ehmke, Treasurer-2014-2015

Cameron Flythe, Secretary, 2014-2015

Vara Bell, Director of Education, 2014-2017

Caroline Shillito, Director of Programs, 2014-2017

Elizabeth Carrasco, President, 2016-2017

Rachael Williams, Past President, 2016-2017

Jean Ehmke, President Elect, 2016-2017

Roxanne Marsh, Treasurer, 2016-2021

Carol Adcock, Secretary, 2016-Jan 2017

Rachael Williams, Interim Secretary, 2017

Linda Boylan, Director of Membership, 2016-2019

Cameron Flythe, Vendor Sponsor Program Chair, 2016 to mid 2017

Jean Ehmke, President, 2018-2019

Tina Verdi, President Elect, early 2018

Anita Bhattacharya, President Elect, 2018-2019

Elizabeth Carrasco, Past President, 2018-2019

Kris Ozburn, Secretary, 2018 -Feb 2019

Cathy Marsico, Secretary, Feb 2019-2021

Andrea Bachi, Director of Education/Community Outreach, 2018-mid 2021

Bethany Kuhnau, Vendor Sponsor Program Chair, 2018-2019

Deb Beaman, Director of Programs, early 2018

Kimberly Coombs, Director of Programs, 2018

Tina Verdi, Interim Director of Programs, to mid 2019

Anita Bhattacharya, Director of Programs, rest of 2019

Laura Koshel, Director of Programs, Mid 2019-mid 2020

Ann Flowers, Director of Communications, 2018

Anita Bhattacharya, President, 2020-2021

Shanna Middleton, President Elect, 2020-2021

Jean Ehmke, Past President, 2020-2021

Tonya Hill, Director of Membership, 2020-2021

Tatiana Gore-Vendor Sponsor Program Chair-early 2020

Heather Jennings, Director of Sponsorship, 2020-2021


Current Board:

Shanna Middleton, President, 2022-

Tonya Hill, President Elect, 2022-

Jean Ehmke, Past President & Treasurer, 2022-

Don Ricardo Massenburg, Director of Programs, mid 2020-

Haley Reeg, Director of Communications, 2020-

Sandra Moncada-Mainz, Secretary, 2022-

Steve Marraffino, Director of Membership 2022-