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Your home should tell your story.

Laura Koshel LK DesignHello and welcome to LK Design!

When we talk to our clients for the first time, we often hear: “I don’t know how to do it”, “I tried and made mistakes”, “I don’t know where to start”, “This is overwhelming”, “I don’t have time”.

When we deliver and install our interior design projects, we hear “I can’t believe this is my home!”, “I would not have selected what you did but I love it”, “This was easy”.

My name is Laura Koshel and here at LK Design I help my clients to create home interiors they love. Through an established over the years process, we carefully create and curate spaces for our clients.

I invite you to browse my portfolio and see if our work gets you excited and inspired about your project.

Let’s talk and get creative!
Laura Koshel




Q How do you charge?

To assess the scope of your project thoroughly, LK Design charges for the initial onsite meeting. You will get a proposal highlighting the scope and the budget. Once you accept it, we move into the design phase for which we charge a design fee. All furnishing costs, as well as trade fees, are charged at the procurement phase.

Q How much should everything cost?

If you are not sure what your budget should be, how much things cost, etc., LK Design helps you create a realistic budget range before we move into the design phase. We can provide the approximate range based on our knowledge of furnishings, window treatments, the home improvement industry overall, and our past projects.

Q I am not sure what design I like. Can you help?

This is the fun part! We usually ask you to provide a few interior design images that inspire you, and then together we figure out why that got your attention. We also consider the architecture of your home and a few other things to help you narrow down your choices and help you clarify your vision.