Couture Haus Interior Design

We Make Interiors Exceptional.

Couture Haus is a boutique design firm that creates uplifting environments through the perfect balance of art and function. At Couture Haus we believe interior spaces should be visually compelling as well as comfortable, livable and reflect the way you really live.

Raised and educated in different countries around the world, fluent in multiple languages, living in many countries in Europe & South America, Sandra Moncada Mainz of Couture Haus brings a unique perspective to the world of design in the greater Raleigh area. Looking through a lens of her life experiences, Sandra sees Mediterranean blues, the gold of the sunflower fields in France, the fun and vibrant colors of her native Colombia, and even the deep structural balance of Europe’s finest architecture.

Her special education and work experiences add to this uncommon perspective…as a former executive in Marketing, educated as an Industrial Engineer and an Interior Designer…she views space as both a functional and artistic challenge.

Are you ready to merge style and function in your own home? Give us a call!