Cate Holcombe Interiors

Cheerful, timeless interiors for your dream home

Cate Holcombe Interiors brings life to your living spaces.

We specialize in bringing effortless beauty to your dream home through turn-key, full service interior decorating. Let’s layer textures and charming details with clean-lined classic pieces in that gorgeous new build of yours! Your hard-earned home should fill you with inspiration and joy and provide a brilliant backdrop to your everyday life.

Our core values are authenticity, organization, and gratitude, and we’ll use these to guide our decisions and actions throughout your project:

AUTHENTICITY: We seek to create living spaces that are truly unique and reflective of each individual family. We encourage clients to embrace what makes them special, and we look for ways to translate that in their homes.

ORGANIZATION: We are obsessed with efficiency and we use well established systems to keep projects moving and keep clients thrilled.

GRATITUDE: We recognize the trust and faith clients put in us. We aim to surprise and delight our clients because, without you, we wouldn’t be here! We are immensely grateful for creative and skillful collaboration with our trusted vendors and trades.

We believe that true luxury is a home that is inspirational, comfortable and complete.

The team at Cate Holcombe Interiors takes their clients’ taste, interests and personality – in consideration of the architecture and surroundings – and elevates the space to it’s ultimate potential. As firm believers in “doing it once and doing it right”, we focus on timeless design, finishes that get better with age and using the best quality possible.

We measure our success by the efficiency and ease of our client’s experience and the satisfaction of a complete home.