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Why Join the Alliance of Interior Designers of Raleigh NC?

Our organization is comprised of the leading interior designers in the Raleigh, Triangle area. Don’t let that intimidate you – we got that way by leaning into the benefits of belonging to this professional organization that offers support, sharpens our skills and brings opportunities to all.

Join us so that you can do the same!


Members are featured in the AID searchable database, highlighting our specialties, locations served, work and websites. This makes it easy for website visitors to find just the right designer for their project.


Having your business associated with the AID brand adds a layer of professional credibility that boosts client confidence, leading to better projects. your name adds a layer of professionalism.

Resource Library

Access to our resource library of past events, webinars, videos and documents. 


Our regular meetings offer a wide range of events and activities. We stay updated, get creative and explore together. We also form valuable friendships that help us in business and add fun to our lives.